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The Secret £millions

Across the country, philanthropists in previous generations established charities to help the poor.  If you search the charity commission website for the name ‘poor’ you will find many of them.  Many have run their course and fulfilled their purpose, but … Continue reading

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How to create the society that we deserve.

As a society, we decide what we value. Where do we want our work to generate value?  Do we value our transport infrastructure, do we value our children’s education, do we value our police force, our armed forces, caring for … Continue reading

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Draw your own conclusions

Here is some data.  It should be more powerful than rhetoric.  Draw your own conclusions…

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The truth behind the Tory propaganda

I am not a politician.  I don’t know how to manipulate people to vote for me.  But I do know injustice when I see it, and I do know lies and deceit when I see it, and I have learnt … Continue reading

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It is time to cut VAT.

VAT is a tax on what we spend.  Everybody has to pay VAT at the same rate, rich and poor alike.  The following chart shows which parties have changed the basic rate of VAT since its introduction by the Conservative … Continue reading

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Why public ownership makes sense

If I need some basic repairs carrying out on my car or my house, I know that the cheapest way to get the repairs done is to do it myself.  It is faster and easier and cheaper. Why should it … Continue reading

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Why we need more council houses

The chart below shows the income distribution in the UK (latest figures available from government statistics) and the corresponding amount that you can borrow if you have a 10% deposit (using the Halifax building society mortgage calculator). Two thirds of … Continue reading

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A tale of housing exploitation, but with a hopeful ending.

Here is a tale of the exploitation, told from the point of view of a young single girl trying to find a home…. but it has a hopeful ending.    

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The ethical way to balance the books

If the government makes ‘savings’ of £1million, what does it actually save?  Well, by savings we mean job cuts, and almost all of the job cuts are from lowly paid workers. A person on (say) £12000 a year will pay … Continue reading

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Is it possible to be a Christian and right wing?

It’s not complicated.  Jesus said “Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me.” And what are His commandments? “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all … Continue reading

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