The story so far…

A fantastic new book coming soon. I’ve been lucky enough to read a pre-publication version. Let me know if you want a ‘pre-order’ and I’ll let the author know.

Is Narnia All There Is?

The book of short stories, ‘Parable Lives’, got some good reviews but hasn’t sold many, and I’m finding it hard to promote it myself. Sadly, my agent/publisher has been taken ill, he’s a great guy and has been incredibly helpful, but that has also stalled any promotion.

The first book in my fantasy series, The Gifts, is being prepared for self-publication on Amazon, using Kindle Direct Publishing. Beck Hemsley has done a gorgeous cover, see below.

The second book, The City, is being proof-read.

The third book, The Curses:  that is the difficulty! I know the plot, I have the characters, but having experienced how long it takes me to complete a novel (years and years) I am very daunted. And I have a worse problem:  the hero’s name. He really needs to have a name that I like, that suits him, that works, but…

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