How can Theresa May call herself a Christian?

“If someone had enough money to live well and sees a brother in need but shows no compassion – how can God’s love be in that person?” 1 John 3:17

The Conservative party have overseen the rise in homelessness and food bank usage, hardship caused by severe sanctioning of benefits, zero hour contracts, deep cuts in public services.  Yet Mrs May has called herself a Christian.  I don’t understand how.  Jesus said “If you love me, obey my commandments” John 14:15 yet I see no sign of that.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbour, not to exploit them.  He noted that the widows offering of a few small coins was worth far more than the trumpeted gifts of the wealthy.  She gave all she had to live on.

Unfortunately the Conservative government have demanded all from the poorest in society.  There have been plenty of opportunities for a change of heart – now it is time for a change of government.

About Minimalist Christian

Phil Hemsley is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK. He works for a multinational company in the power industry, has presented technical papers at international conferences and holds many patents. He has published two books, the most recent is "The Big Picture, an Honest Examination of God Science and Purpose". He has lived on both sides of the faith fence. He is married, with two daughters.
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5 Responses to How can Theresa May call herself a Christian?

  1. johngurnett says:

    Oh dear …. – I wish that I was in such a position to judge another as to their Christian Beliefs and convictions.


  2. eddigoodwin says:

    Austerity does seem to have hit those who are not able to fight back much harder than certain sectors which are doing very well, thank you. The one thing that Jesus banged on and on about was helping our fellow man. He didn’t put conditions on that help. He didn’t say that the poor and sick should be deserving in any way. There wasn’t a means test, just a need to meet. As for judging Theresa May, well we know we shouldn’t judge. But I am also guilty of judging those Christians who are anti-immigration or won’t accept refugees. I do wonder which Bible they are reading because it certainly isn’t the one I use!

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  3. Martin Saxby says:

    Phil this is not appropriate for a fellow Christian – there are Christians in all political parties and so there should be. As brothers and sisters in Christ we should not judge one another, only our views!


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