Jimmy Saville OBE – tribute to the sex trade.

Britain is offended, and rightly so, by the behaviour of Jimmy Saville, and by the collusion of those close to him who knew of his salacious deeds and did nothing.

But rather than spending our energy on the past, on a witch hunt from 30 years ago, can’t we direct our anger towards stamping out the same thing that is happening today?

Saville wasn’t born a sex fiend, he was trained.  And who trained him?  The same people who are training the men of Britain today: the porn industry.

It starts innocuously with that great British institution – the Page 3 girl.  And it leads on to the soft porn mags, or more effectively the internet.  And it grows to the depravity of the sex traffickers and the brothels.

Are you willing to do anything to turn the tide?  Here are some simple steps:

Remember the words of Martin Luther King:

“The greatest sins of our time are committed not by the few who have destroyed, but by the vast majority who sat idly by”



About Minimalist Christian

Phil Hemsley is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK. He works for a multinational company in the power industry, has presented technical papers at international conferences and holds many patents. He has published two books, the most recent is "The Big Picture, an Honest Examination of God Science and Purpose". He has lived on both sides of the faith fence. He is married, with two daughters.
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15 Responses to Jimmy Saville OBE – tribute to the sex trade.

  1. Cassie says:

    Sorry I don’t agree with you at all on this and I have written about these topics in the following posts. http://justcassie.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/porn/ http://justcassie.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/id-like-to-be-a-prostitute/
    As I said in another post recently, sex isn’t wrong and it’s about time we developed a less hypocritical and more grown up attitude to it.
    Exploitation and criminality are wrong; and that is what we should be trying to control.
    If the accusations are true it seems Jimmy Saville was a thoroughly unpleasant and evil sex criminal. Blaming porn for that fact is a cop out.


  2. I need to be clear on one thing – in no way do I say that sex is wrong. Neither is drinking alcohol wrong (to take another example). But addiction to either is extremely damaging, not only for the individual but for society as a whole.
    Advertising is extremely powerful. Pornographic images are even more powerful (which is why the advertising industry gets away with as much as they can). The trouble with porn is that you have to work hard not to see it. The statistics about the number of children seeing pornographic images speak for themselves. The experience of pornography arouses feelings of excitement in adolescent bodies and teaches them that gratification should be taken where it can. They are not given the choice to rationally consider the issue and peer pressure is tremendous.
    Cassie, you have written that “My sexual morals are based on meaningful consent plus honesty and integrity with the person I am sleeping with.” That is excellent, but I seriously don’t think most people are able to make that meaningful consent.
    You also comment that “The fact that you or I may get turned on by some images of adults engaged in sex, does not make us more likely to commit child abuse. The very idea is ridiculous.” for you and I that may be true, but for someone with addictive tendencies the result may be different.
    There are example of men who cannot make love to a real woman without pornographic literature or images to excite them ….can that be right? Many men are trapped by their addiction to pornography …. can that be right?
    In all other areas society tries to protect the weak – but we provide such temptation that the weak cannot resist.


  3. Cassie says:

    Certainly addiction is a big problem in society whether it is addiction to sex, to porn, to cocaine, to alcohol, to tobacco, the internet, to cream cakes, to television, to computer games… But what can we do? Should we ban or severely limit all those things just because “some” people might get addicted to them? Should we treat all those things as if they are equally bad in themselves?
    I think what we need is self empowerment and self control. We need to learn how to use things responsibly rather than removing all possible temptations from life. Is this a religious or philosophical difference in our way of thinking?


    • I don’t think we are so far apart. Complete banning probably doesn’t work (see prohibition), but perhaps the minimum age limit is not a bad idea, and opting in rather than opting out. And perhaps (with regard to sex) we need to do more than simply teach the biology to our kids? However, we can support those agencies that try to rescue those who are trapped in sex slavery, and give support to individuals who choose to try to break their addiction (ref some of the links in my post).

      I’d add self discipline to your list – and that sometimes means abstaining from things that are enjoyable (cream cakes for instance) in order to have greater enjoyment or benefit later.

      Religious implies unthinking following of a religious text, but my approach is to test and try to understand whether and why a religious text is correct and beneficial. We all have to take responsibility for our choices, but I want to give everyone the opportunity to do that knowingly.


  4. michael m says:

    IF all or any of the facts about Jimmy Savilles savvaloy are true and Jimmy went to mass etc 3 0r 4 times a week in a busy schedule , then perhaps those priests who took jimmy’s confession have known all about it for a very very long time. I wonder if the one confessing was any other than Jimmy S those priests may have – could have – refused absolution and counseled indeed begged the famous man to turn himself in and also to desist from further episodes ?. But they might not have thought it was that great a sin , especially as Jimmy is said to have done so much great deeds in fundraising for worthy causes and was even bemedaled by the Pope and made a Sir by the establishment ?.


    • A good challenge for any of us. How to respond if someone confidentially tells us about a serious crime. What do lawyers do for instance?

      Who was the biggest sinner? Saville or those who kept quiet? Is it time to remember the words of Martin Luther King:
      “The greatest sins of our time are committed not by the few who have destroyed, but by the vast majority who sat idly by”
      Isn’t that a message that Jesus proclaimed and endorsed through his life and death? Doesn’t the world still need that underground movement of followers of Jesus today; a movement of ‘true’ Christians? I think it does.


  5. when in my darkest hour in broadmoor dungeons jimmy saville came into my cell and prayed for me i was at the hospital for violence against bullying prison officers i believed at that time he was a good man now i am disgusted having been abused at a catholic school by men of god


    • Hello David, it must be very difficult for you. Christ know as well as anyone what we humans can be like, we nailed him to a cross. He is the only one who is always constant, always loving. Those you refer to above as ‘men of god’ clearly were not! Maybe men of religion, but not men of God. I pray that you can find peace, and the strength to resist bitterness despite difficulties. Take Jesus alone as your role model. God bless you, Phil


  6. sunday mornings the head psycchiatrist jimmy saville and his mum would be in the front row of the catholic chapel the room was full some patients had been abused in catholic schools as kids we all were following an organisation responsible for the rape and torture of thousands of vulnerable little children covered up in a conspiracy of silence lies and deceit


  7. the reason i knew saville so well was my doctor told me to become more involved in broadmoor activities i joinedthe entertainments committee how can a man who did so much good have committed these heinous crimes


  8. at broardmoor was friends with some of Britains hardest criminals we detested those who had harmed kids we thought jimmy saville was a happy king caring person track suited cigar chumping disc jockey i remember him in my cell head bowed hands clasped saying the lords prayer what a strange world


  9. Dear David, The evil that he did to others does not make the good that he did elsewhere evil. We all have the possibility to do evil and good in us, and it is up to each of us to choose to do good. Think of it like Jeckel and Hyde. When we do good it is still doing good. When we do good we are reflecting something of God. When we do evil we are turning away from God and following our own selfish desires. You can trust that through all your own experiences, Christ loves you and wants you to choose to follow him. God bless, Phil


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